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Customers Manipulate Glitch for Huge Savings

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Customers Manipulate Glitch for Huge Savings

We're constantly being warned that supermarket deals and buy-one-get-one frees don't offer as much value as many customers think. It's very rare to leave a supermarket thinking you've managed to save money, but this does sometimes happen.

In the world of supermarkets with their multiple pricing policies, thousands of products and huge internal IT infrastructures it's very easy to make a mistake. And in a world of tech savvy customers who spread news on social networks and websites it's even easier for those mistakes to be exploited.

The latest supermarket to be hit by this is Tesco. The food giant recently made a mistake that allowed customers in the UK to purchase packets of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (ICINB) and yogurt at huge discounts.

Discounts so good that hundreds of people rushed to the shops and the company's website to bulk order. The glitch allowed customers to buy one product and get three free, tripling their return at the click of a button.

The problem was published on the website Hot UK Deals and took Tesco a while before they eventually fixed the problem. But that's not before one shrewd shopper commented on the Hot UK Deals site: ""Delivered this morning, fifty times ICINB, 22 times packs of yogurt £8.79 total ... saving £133.89! Thanks Tesco."

It's not the first time the supermarket has made a mistake like this. The Telegraph newspaper today published a list of past glitches by the chain.

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