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World's First Supermarket Powered Entirely By Food Waste

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World's First Supermarket Powered Entirely By Food Waste
Photo Sainsbury's

A supermarket in United Kingdom has taken great strides to reduce food waste by using edible scraps to power its entire operations.

Sainsbury’s store in the West Midlands has partnered up with recycling company Biffa in an effort to leave the national power grid. That's because together they've created enough power to light up 2,500 homes each year thanks to the anaerobic digestion of food waste, The Guardian reports.

Here's how it works: leftover food that can't be donated to food banks and charity gets trucked to a local Biffa plant where it is turned into bio-methane gas, which is then used to generate electricity that’s sent back to the store via a 1.5-kilometer-long transmission line.

 “We send absolutely no waste to landfill and are always looking for new ways to reuse and recycle. So we’re delighted to be the first business ever to make use of this linkup technology, allowing our Cannock store to be powered entirely by our food waste,”  Paul Crewe, head of sustainability at Sainsbury’s told The Guardian.

Via Inhabitat | The Guardian

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