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Chefs Share 15 Ridiculous Customer Complaints

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Chefs Share 15 Ridiculous Customer Complaints
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Is the customer always right? Well having a read of these stupid customer complaints shared by chefs on the ChefTalk forum we have to say we’d struggle to defend that pillar of customer service to the letter. These have to be some of the most ridiculous customer complaints we’ve ever encountered. Enjoy!

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15 ridiculous customer complaints



I had a guest order spaghetti last night. Complains to the server. No ... not flavour. It tasted great. Not portion size ... that was fine too. No ... my spaghetti is too short. I need to modify my menus so that guests know they're getting (and I quote) "Chicken noodle soup noodles instead of spaghetti." Apparently this man was offended by a 12" noodle. I'm guessing if I used a 24" noodle, he'd complain that his fork wasn't big enough to twirl it.


Stl 243

We often get the CPC – the Clean Plate Complainer. Eats everything and then says it was horrible.



I had two orders of Blackened Redfish returned because they were to dark and well done. People admitted to waiter they never had before?????



My Steak is too beefy/steaky tasting. I know steaky isn't a word, but that's what they said.



This Manhattan is too strong! Anyone that complains about a mixed drink being too strong needs to stick to beer.



My braised beef is too well done.



"I know I ordered raw oysters, but I didn’t know they were really raw ... I thought that was just the name, like raaaaw oysters."


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I made babyback ribs for a member's banquet. After the function a guy pulls me aside and says:

"Don't lie to me. Did you boil those ribs?"

No I did not. They were started on the grill and then slow roasted for about three and a half hours.

"I'm not stupid you know. Did you see how easily the meat came off the bone? The ribs shouldn't be like that. If you cook them the right way you need to bite into it and pull the meat away from the bones."

Sometimes you just can't win.



"Can I get my calamari with less testicles?"



Customer asked for a panino with blueberries instead of ham ... then sent it back because there were "mouldy stains on the eggs."



Someone orders the parsnip gnocchi with oxtail sauce, then complained that it didn’t say on the board that there was meat in the sauce.



Vegetarian ordered corned beef hash... ate part of it then asked the server if there was beef in it...



I had a customer tell me a perfect slice of medium rare prime rib didn’t taste like beef ... how does one achieve that!!!



Had a customer the other night complain there was a bone in his T-bone steak, I went out and spoke to him, he said it was too boney! Replaced the perfectly cooked T-bone with an eye fillet.



“This ham and cheese omelette tastes like egg: if I wanted eggs I would have ordered eggs.”


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