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8 Street Food Picks for 2016 from CNN

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8 Street Food Picks for 2016 from CNN
Photo Jonathan Lin/Flickr

These are the most sublime street foods to look out for in 2016, according to CNN.

Visitors to the third annual World Street Food Congress in Manila at the end of April – yes, street food has reached such a peak of popularity that there is now a regular World Street Food Congress – were treated to an array of colourful, fiery, and downright dirty (in a good way) dishes from across the globe.

Thousands of dishes, largely of South East Asian origin, were sold every day from 25 stalls. Find more details about the most popular stalls here, and see a list of the crowd-pleasing dishes they cooked below. Which street food would you choose?

Assam Laksa (Malaysia)

A spicy and sour fish and tamarind soup, served with vegetables, noodles, and of course, a potent sambal.

Sate Maranggi (Indonesia)

A beef satay served with either a fiery sambal consisting of chilli, tomato, shallot, sweet soy and vinegar or a tomato and chilli salad.

Maurina Rara/Flickr

Hyderabadi Byriani (India)

A classic Indian basmati rice dish – this version contains chicken, yoghurt, lemon, masala spices, coriander leaves and fried onion.

Kway Chap (Singapore)

Pig offal and cuts, duck meat and bean curd braised in soy, served with flat noodles.


Churros Sundae (USA)

Deep-fried dough sticks topped with ice cream, nuts, and well, whatever else you fancy really.

Hoy Tord Chao Loy (Thailand)

A soft-centred seafood omelette with lime, seafood, spring onions, bean sprouts, pepper ... need we go on?

Banh Xeo (Vietnam)

Seafood and/or pork pancakes made from rice flour and turmeric powder.

Stu Spivack/Flickr

Zhu Hou Chicken (China)

A version of salt baked chicken, with a Foshan sauce made with soybeans, sugar, sesame seeds and soy sauce.


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