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No More Bubbles in Boiling Water

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No More Bubbles in Boiling Water

A team of scientists have developed a ball that once placed in water means the water will reach boiling temperature with bubbling.

The balls use nano-particles that allow water and vapor to stick to the material rather than forming bubbles.

Using the technology the scientist claim that a pan or surface can be creating in which a water would never bubble - something that could be welcomed in busy kitchens that manage huge pans of boiling water.

Unfortunatly the findings affect on the kitchen may never be known as the scientists plan to use the material in nuclear reactors to reduce the risk of powerful vapor explosions that are found within reactors.

The research was carried out by the University of Melbourne, Dr Neelesh Patankar from the Northwestern University in the America and Dr Ivan Vakarelski and team from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

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