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Restaurant Owner Takes Down Entitled TripAdvisor Reviewer

By FDL on

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Restaurant Owner Takes Down Entitled TripAdvisor Reviewer

Gary Usher from the Sticky Walnut restaurant in Chester is not afraid of voicing his opinion when it comes to entitled guests and their crazy demands. He famously posted a video of one man-child throwing a temper tantrum in his restaurant and this time he’s back with a perfect response to an angry TripAdvisor review who said his wedding anniversary had been ruined by the restaurant.

As you can see from the tweet below, Usher, who once highlighted the absurdity of TripAdvisor by posting a review for his own restaurant, was not about to stand by and have his staff called out without reply.

The response above was prompted by a one-sentence review posted with the title, ‘You ruined our wedding anniversary!’

Standing up for his staff and pushing the actual narrative of what happened, Usher decided to respond to the review with his take on events.

Here's Usher in action on a different occasion - same site, different day.  And just to show you the chef can take a bad review, here he is having his worst ones read out to him: 

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