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Now You Can Sprinkle Sriracha on Anything You Want

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Now You Can Sprinkle Sriracha on Anything You Want

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that people love so much about Sriracha hot sauce and it’s even harder to try and deny the cult like following the sauce receives. There’s been a number of crazy Sriracha products created to meet the ravenous demand for the spicy condiment created by Huy Fong Foods, including a pair of stylish Sriracha shoes.

Now it seems the company is opening up to outside collaborations, firstly, in the form of pop-corn. That’s right, Huy Fong Foods has teamed up the Seattle based company Pop! Gourmet Foods to create a line of snacks using the Sriracha sauce as a flavoring.

There’s been a number of products created to try an imitate the much loved taste of Sriracha but none have been done with such an official partnership.

The companies are starting with a hot chilli popcorn and say they have plans already for potato chips, tortilla chips, and even a hummus. The company told Yahoo News that they’re most excited about a special dehydrated Sriracha seasoning they are also launching which can be sprinkled on anything.

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