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Harvard Students Develops Spray Cake

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Harvard Students Develops Spray Cake

A Harvard University student has developed a cake you can quickly spray from a can at home and cook in less than a minute in the microwave.

John McCallum says he was inspired by a lecture given by Ferran Adria, developing further a technique that uses accelerants to help make cake rise instead of conventional ingredients such as baking powder. However, many people, including our own community on Facebook, have pointed out that the invention could not possibly be credited to the student.

Here's what Mcallum had to say: “We actually happen to know Chef Ferran Adrià personally; he was one of the guest lecturers for the Harvard course that inspired this concept. His brother is an enormously talented food scientist! However, we had a chance to discuss our idea with Ferran back in 2012 in order to ensure the novelty of our concept. Through that dialogue, it was determined that our methods differ considerably, resulting in a substantively separate taste, texture and preparation. We only pursued our patent with his blessing, since we recognize that our results can seem similar at a glance. That said, we love Albert's work and have enormous respect for him. Sorry for any confusion!”

McCallum's invention takes just 30 seconds to bake in the microwave and could lead to an easy to use home option of quickly baking one cake whenever needed.

Apparently, McCallum considered the idea as a university lab project, it wasn’t until his girlfriend, Brooke Nowakowski, noticed the potential of the product.

The video from CBS Boston below explains more, and shows the Spray Cake in action.

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