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Woman Sues Over Neighbour’s Spicy Cooking

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Woman Sues Over Neighbour’s Spicy Cooking
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A London woman is suing her landlords in an attempt to stop her neighbours cooking spicy foods.

Joanna Cridlin, who lives in Wandsworth, South West London claims in a writ submitted to the High Court that the smell of spicy foods from her neighbour’s property lingers in her flat for up to eight hours and that the cooking of chillies “constricts her airways and burns her throat,” the Mirror reports.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The animal rights campaigner, who claims she suffers from respiratory problems, has lived at the property for over 40 years, while her neighbours moved in above her three years ago. She is seeking damages from her landlords for personal injury and loss of earnings and claims that they have so far failed to act on her complaints. Ms Cridlin argues that her neighbours’ cooking of hot and spicy foods should be considered as “anti-social behaviour.”

Where do you stand? Can the cooking of spicy meals really be considered anti-social behaviour? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page. And, if you're a real spice fan, this infographic on what to eat or drink when you're mouth is on fire could prove vital.

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