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3 Spanish Chefs Take on Escoffier, Careme and Vatel

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3 Spanish Chefs Take on Escoffier, Careme and Vatel
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What would the dishes of the great François Vatel, Georges Auguste Escoffier and Marie-Antoine Carême look like today?

Spanish chefs Joan Roca, David Muñoz y Ángel León have taken up the challenge of reinventing the dishes of the culinary giants known for shaping modern French cuisine. Their dishes are being exhibited at the temporary Maison Mumm in Madrid.

It's an interesting experiment that should yield very tasty results. Below is the breakdown:

Roca - chef from El Celler de Can Roca, which has three Michelin stars and is ranked as the world's second best restaurant - was tasked with recreating the Royal Banquet of Vatel,  who served in the court of Louis XIV and commited suicide because the fish didn't make it to a great banquet on time.

Muñoz, who hails from the two Michelin starred DiverXO in Madrid, took on the Tout en Rouge menu of Escoffier, a 19th century chef considered the godfather of modern French cuisine. ''In the 19th century, his menus were pure fun, which is something similar to avant garde restaurants today. His 'Tout en Rouge' menu was hardcore avant garde,'' Muñoz told Spanish publication Gastroeconomy.

León, chef of the Michelin starred Aponiente, embraced the challenge of reinventing the Menu de Saison of Carême, a 19th century chef and architect credited for inventing French sauces. Carême is also hailed as ''the King of chefs, the Chef of Kings.''

Maison Mumm

Almagro, 19


Via Gastroeconomy

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