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Spain Vs Italy - What the Chefs Think

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Spain Vs Italy - What the Chefs Think

 The European Cup has seen a number of great sporting and food nations come and go. France fell at the weigh side to Spain – Portugal beaten by Spain on penalties after they sailed through their group.

On the opposite side the mighty Italy, thanked for staying in Krakow by Polish chefs who cooked the world’s largest lasagne in honour of the team, they sent England home, beat the very strong Germans and now these two great food nations – Spain and Italy – face off in the final, only one can win, one will take top spot.

With all this in mind we asked two of the greatest chefs from each country – Quique Dacosta and Paco Roncero representing Spain and Davide Scabin and Massimo Bottura representing Italy. We asked each chef who they think will win, who will score and more importantly what they’d cook for the winning team in their restaurant.

Quique Dacosta - Quique Dacosta - Valencia, Spain
At least expects Spain to concede but eventually win the game 2 – 1, with Iniesta and Alba to score for Spain and Balotelli to score for Italy.  He would cook Italian food: spaghetti for the Spanish team! 

Massimo Bottura - Osteria Francesca - Modena, Italy
Italy to win 2 – 0 with Pirlo and Balotelli to score the goals. To celebrate with the team he would cook a "very zen menu" to help them relax, but with some chilli peppers to give them energy to recover from the winning match. The dishes would be a surprise!

Paco Roncero - La Terraza del Casino – Madrid, Spain
Predicts a solid win of 2 – 0 to Spain with Iniesta and Fabregas to score the winning goals for Spain. To celebrate he would cook them fresh gazpacho to give them energy. 

Davide Scabin - Turin, Italy
A conservative prediction of a 1 – 0 win for Italy – he thinks the goal will come from Balotelli or Cassano. To celebrate with the team he would cook a giant bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce, to eat without any forks: a way to celebrate and make joy after winning! 

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