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Spain and Portugal Michelin Guide 2019 - See the New Stars

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Spain and Portugal Michelin Guide 2019  - See the New Stars

The Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal was announced last night with the big news being that a new three-star restaurant joins the list. 

Dani García's eponymous restaurant in Marbella on the South coast of Spain, was elevated from two to three stars in the 2019 selection, with the guide's inspectors noting "his unique way of reformulating Andalusian cuisine in a contemporary way, ensuring that each development tells a different story based on products related to local traditions."

A total of 30 new restaurants joined the starred list from both Spain and Portugal, including four new two-star restaurants - three in Spain - Ricard Camarena's restaurant in Valencia, Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona, El Molino de Urdániz in Navarra, and one in Portugal - Alma in Lisbon.

Amongst the 30, there was also a healthy increase in other one-star ratings, with 25 new one-star restaurants, the majority being in Spain (5 in Madrid) and a smattering of just three new one-star restaurants across Portugal.

See all the new restaurants joining the list below.

The Newly Starred Restaurants

Three Stars

Dani García - Spain

Two Stars

Alma -  Portugal 
Cocina Hermanos Torres - Spain
El Molino de Urdániz - Spain
Ricard Camarena Restaurant - Spain

One Star

A Cozinha de Guimaraes - Portugal
A Tafona - Spain
Bagá - Spain
Beat - Spain
Cancook - Spain
Clos Madrid - Spain
Corral de la Moreira Gastronómico - Spain
El Invernadero - Spain
El Molino de Alcuneza - Spain
El Xato - Spain
eMe Be Garrote - Spain
Eneko Bilbao - Spain
Etxanobe Ateliar - Spain
G Pousada de Bragança - Portugal
Ikaro - Spain
La Barra de Carles Abellán - Spain
La Tasquería - Spain
LÚ Cocina y Alma - Spain
Midori - Portugal
Oria - Spain
Orobianco - Spain
Pablo - Spain
Terra - Spain
Trivio - Spain
Yugo - Spain

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