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Sour Dough Map in Czech Republic

By FDL on

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Sour Dough Map in Czech Republic

We realized the sour dough movement was pretty serious when we got wind of a sour dough hotel in Sweden - a place to look after a person's starter mix when they go on holiday.  

Making your own starter can be a long process and it can be difficult to get the right mix every time, however, a good starter is essential when trying to make great tasting sourdough.

You may not think there are so many people in the world interested in making their own starter dough but head to the Czech Republic and you may be shocked.

That's because they have a community of avid sour dough makers willing to share their mix with others. There's even a sour dough map where people register their address and from the look of all the locations you're never to far from some starter dough when you're in the Czech Republic.

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