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Masterchef Fans 'Shocked' by Chef's Soufflé

By FDL on

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Masterchef Fans 'Shocked' by Chef's Soufflé

Last night on Masterchef The Professionals, a young contestant, Alex Payne, wowed the judges with a raspberry Soufflé that had ice cream cooked inside the dessert.

The shocked judges asked the young chef where his accompanying cream cheese ice cream was only to be told it was sitting inside the actual Soufflé.

As if making a Soufflé on a cooking television show wasn't hard enough, the chef pulled off what seems to be kitchen magic by placing frozen blocks of ice cream in the bowl before baking the Soufflé.

The hot and cold combination, the tart raspberry with that creamy ice cream inside and a perfectly cooked Soufflé made for a winning dish that wowed the judges. It also had a quite a few people at home excited.


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