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Restaurant Angers Customers with Extra Cutlery Charge

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Restaurant Angers Customers with Extra Cutlery Charge
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A cafe in London has angered some in its local community by insisting that customers who wish to share dishes must pay for the extra cutlery and crockery.

Sorrento in South London has introduced the charge of £1.50 ($2) for an extra plate and cutlery as a way to raise extra revenue, reports The Mirror. The cafe claims that diners sharing dishes is having an averse affect on the business, when often there are customers queuing to get in and tables of four taken up by people eating just two dishes.

“Lots of people are doing it - God knows, it’s probably economics,” says manager Susana Canha of the trend. “For me, I’m running a business and it’s hard. I pay my staff. We don’t charge for service.”


The introduction of the charge has seen at least one customer walk out in disgust, but Canha hopes the majority of the cafe’s regulars, who enjoy traditional grub like full English breakfasts and omelettes for around £5 ($6.50), will support it.

It’s a tricky one for sure and while every penny counts when you’re trying to make a small independent business work, the negative reaction this is likely to provoke is potentially more detrimental than any current losses. 

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