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The SMS Operated Oven

By FDL on

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The SMS Operated Oven

Time is money, so say the cliched calls of the workers, but clichés exist for a reason and that's because they often bare true. In the kitchen the rallying calls of a 'need for speed' are certainly relevant and most definitely real.

Although this fast pace may not be as important in the home kitchen, our busy lives always seem to call for more time effective solutions. That's why the new smart oven from Aga is sure to turn a few heads - at least among home cooks with their own time constraints in life.

Called, The Aga iTotal Control, this 10,000 dollar machine allows owners to turn on their oven using a text message or an app downloaded on their mobile devices. Users can simmer, roast and bake foods by sending different commands to the oven, similar to the text message coffee machine we featured recently.

Aga have been creating high quality ovens since 1935 and their latest offering seems like a way to add a modern twist to a very traditional and trusted design. Useful? We're not sure but it could certainly save you some time in getting the oven running before you get home - unfortunately  there's no app to prepare the food the night before, but you can at least set your calendar app to remind you to put it in the oven before you leave for work.

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