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The Shopping Trolley That Helps You Choose Food

By FDL on

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The Shopping Trolley That Helps You Choose Food

Could a shopping trolley suddenly sway your decision on what to buy in the store? It could if there is any truth in the research carried out by the team behind the Lambent Shopping Trolley Handle - a new device that clips on to any supermarket trolley, offering assistance to consumers on what to buy in the supermarket.

How? The device presents the user with a set of digital lights and symbols through a multicolor display. Through a built in scanner it reads product barcodes displaying useful information on shopping miles, average spend, and nutritional information such as salt content.

The research behind the product suggests that by offering simple information about what people buy - while they're buying them - they're much more likely to make informed decisions about what purchases to make.

Part of a truly international research collaboration - the Change Project involved the DFKI research lab in Germany, the University of Bath in the UK, and Indiana University, USA.

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