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Slow Food Launches Biodiversity Observatory

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Slow Food Launches Biodiversity Observatory
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"Scientists at the University of Stanford have compared the species and varieties of an ecosystem to the rivets that keep an airplane held together. If we start removing rivets, for a while nothing will happen and the airplane will continue to operate. But little by little the structure will weaken and, at a certain point, removing just one more rivet will cause the plane to crash."-Slow Food  

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all the food in the world disappeared? This is the scary scenario that the Slow Food organization is trying to prevent with the launch of their latest project: a biodiversity observatory. 

The biodiversity observatory aims to combat the damage caused by climate change, pollution, overfishing, and negative agricultural practices. It was created in response to a report from the European Commission which states that 77 percent of habitats linked to agriculture are in a negative state while 56 percent of species are at risk.

By narrowing in on sustainable farming practices on land and sea Slow Food hopes to improve the health of the planet by 2020. The organization isn't alone in its fight. Just last year 20 international chefs, including Massimo Bottura, pledged to save the oceans.

Why Biodiversity Matters

Biodiversity is directly correlated to our food as it affects the different varieties of plants and animals available for consumption. The Slow Food organization calculates that an estimated 27,000 species are lost every year due to human activities.

"This disastrous situation can be reversed only by changing all of our consumption styles...While intensive food production is the primary cause of the loss of biodiversity, the multi-functional, polyvalent and small-scale model for agriculture is able to maintain quality and renewability of natural resources over time, to preserve biodiversity and to guarantee the integrity of ecosystems,” Piero Sardo, the president of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, said in a statement.

Your Role in Biodiversity

Curious about biodiversity and what you can do to help? Sit back, relax and watch this short film titled Preserve Biodiversity, Preserve the Planet.

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