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Sky High Michelin Dining

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Sky High Michelin Dining

When was the last time you got an a plane and actually enjoyed the food? That's all about to change as more airlines are taking extraordinary measures to improve their gourmet food offerings by hiring Michelin starred chefs.

Singapore Airlines is the latest to follow this trend. The airline has tapped Italian chef Carlo Cracco to join its International Culinary Panel, which is composed of eight other international chefs. Cracco, whose Milanese restaurant has two Michelin stars, has been hired to develop Italian recipes. His dishes will be served on Italian and select European flights beginning January 2013.

Since our sense of taste changes at high altitude it makes sense to hire stellar chefs to design menus packed with umami. Food Network star Alton Brown, a self-professed food geek, knows his well. That's why he prepares his own airplane food before flying his private jet. Until you can fly on a private jet, here's a list of the best foods currently being served on airlines.

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