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Singapore's First Vertical Farm

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Singapore's First Vertical Farm
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Singapore finds itself in the forefront of urban gardening in South East Asia. The country has welcomed its first comercial vertical farm - a vegetable skyscraper powered by hydraulics.

Called Sky Greens, the vertical farm churns out five to ten times as many vegetables than what could be produced in the same amount of land used in traditional farming, according to Green Business Times. The farm mostly produces bok choy and Chinese cabbage.

The vegetables are grown in 120 towers which are three-stories high and the size of about five football fields. The plants are placed in a type of giant ferris wheel, which rotates the vegetables to ensure they get enough sunlight. The produce is sold just hours after being harvested and has been well-received by consumers, even though it cost slightly more than imported vegetables.

Vertical farming makes sense in Singapore because the country is a land-strapped island. Real estate prices are sky high and demand for local produce exceeds availability. The the country relies on imports from China, Malaysia and the United States, according to NPR.

Via NPR and Green Business Times

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