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9 Foods Brits Love and Search For Online

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9 Foods Brits Love and Search For Online

We recently reported on some of the top food search trends online in the US using data supplied by Google. You may remember it was a fairly healthy and very ‘now’ list, with functional foods such as turmeric and light Asian dishes like pho scoring highly.

Comfort Foods

Google have also revealed the top UK food search terms for part of the same period (the US figures cover the period January 2014 to February 2016, the UK January 2015 to May 2016). The results are markedly different, with UK searchers largely seeking out traditional comfort foods, such as beef stew and Yorkshire pudding.

British Classics

According to Business Insider, apple crumble, the dish of baked apple with a sugar and cinnamon topped flour and butter crumble, is the number one searched for food in the UK, partly due, perhaps, to the popularity of baking shows. Here's Gordon Ramsay's take on an apple and cranberry crumble:

Fish and chips are also popular at number two (this probably includes tourists searching for where to eat the dish), while flat iron steak comes in at number eight.

There are some lighter dishes too, including Greek salad and sweet potato fries. Read the full top nine below and check out this guide to one of the ultimate British comfort foods, the humble banger.

Most searched for foods online in the UK

1. Apple crumble

2. Fish and chips

3. Greek salad

4. Sea bass

5. Yorkshire pudding

6. Soft boiled egg

7. Sweet potato fries

8. Flat iron steak

9. Beef stew


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