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Blogger Angry That 'Anti-Meat' Protestors Censored His Very Meaty Video

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Blogger Angry That 'Anti-Meat' Protestors Censored His Very Meaty Video

A food blogger based in Manilla claims ‘anti-meat’ protestors have censored his video for a recipe because they were unhappy with the contents.

The video in question, titled Seafood Stuffed Lechon, features a recipe in which a whole pig is stuffed with all manner of ingredients, including shrimps, chickens and live crabs. Served as a celebratory dish during festivities, the pig is cooked whole on a spit as the fishy juices mix inside with the pork's fat.

It was created by Sonny Side, creator of Best Ever Food Review Show, and quite honestly, the finished dish looks delicious. However, he is convinced that a large number of protestors have reported his video as graphic content on FB, “resulting in it getting censored, halting its momentum, killing its views and shares and essentially effecting my bottom line," he said in an angry post online.

“Before this moment, I was fine with civil discourse (and even uncivil discourse) in the comments section, ranging from how terrible my pronunciation is to whether people and cultures are ethical in their meat eating traditions. Sadly, this changes today," Side wrote in his post.

He continued to say he would now ban any anti-meat posters who write in the comments section of his videos, adding: "If this content bothers you, please don't watch it. Click away or block my channel. These cultures and their customs do not exist to contradict your worldview. They’ve been around since the beginning of time and they (outside of being inhumane or hunting animals to extinction) deserve your respect or at minimum your tolerance.”

“The purpose of my videos is to document the most unique food from around the world. A lot of the time this includes slaughtering and eating animals. I'm not there to cast judgement, but to experience life through the eyes and tastebuds of local people.”

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