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Does Chemistry Date Back to Cooking?

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Does Chemistry Date Back to Cooking?

The chef José Andrés has been holding his very own food classes at George Washington University in which students participate in discussions, lectures and projects linked to the science of cooking in the kitchen.

In the latest lecture Andrés invited the writer Harold McGee and the food professor behind Harvard's Science & Cooking lectures, Michael Brenner.

McGee looks at the evolution of cooking an focuses on the fact that the role of science has been apparent throughout the history of cooking. The academic goes as far as to say that the roots of all chemistry date back to cooking. There's also a look at modern chefs and just how far they have pushed the boundaries of science in the kitchen.

To finish the lecture Michael Brenner discusses his thoughts on molecular gastronomy and explains the thought process behind the launch of Harvard's very popular series of lectures on Science & Cooking.

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