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How Different Are School Lunches Around the World?

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How Different Are School Lunches Around the World?

We’ve looked at school lunches before on Fine Dining Lovers with an infographic that quickly showed just how different school lunches are in different countries.

One of the things that stuck with us from the infographic was the great meal provided to French school children who get five courses including an appetiser and cheese plate for a meal that is half subsidised by the government.

It’s hard to imagine just how much difference there is between countries until you watch this fun video from Cut Video that sees American kids tasting different school lunches.

Afghanistan, France, Cuba and India are all on the list as the kids get to grips with what their child counterparts are eating on the opposite side of the globe.

We've also embedded the infographic below the video so you can get an idea of different school lunch menus. 

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