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An Ear Cupcake or Lung Sponge Sir?

By FDL on

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An Ear Cupcake or Lung Sponge Sir?

The Pathology Museum of London in St Bart's is set to give idiots a sweet fright over the next few days with their latest Eat Your Heart Out project.

With an aim of engaging people who would not normally interact with the topic of pathology the exhibition is made up of a number of cakes that have been created to mirror organs within the body.

These will be sold throughout the museum over three days with cakes and confectionary baked into five different categories. Cardiorespiratory, Metabolism, Brain & Behaviour, Human Development and Locomotive.

It's an interesting attempt to engage people with the topic of pathology and the realistic nature of the cakes means its certainly not for the faint heated.

Mole cupcakes, lung sponge and a whole array of human anatomy will be baked, explained and sold during event. Unfortunatly it's a sell-out but for those who just have to know what a piece of anatomically correct organ sponge looks like, enjoy the pictures below.

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