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'Scared' Octopus Stuns TV Audience

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'Scared' Octopus Stuns TV Audience

Popular British TV cooking show Saturday Kitchen stunned viewers this weekend by ‘scaring’ an octopus before cooking it.

The live show, which welcomes different guest chefs every week, had some viewers in uproar with a segment involving chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho of London’s Barrafina restaurant. Whilst preparing an octopus dish, Mohacho decided to ‘scare’ the octopus first.

It’s not what you think, however. Scaring is the process of tenderising the meat by dipping it in and out of boiling water. As the presenter was quick to point out, the octopus was already dead.

Many viewers still vented their disgust on Twitter however, with some mistakenly believing the octopus was alive, while others just didn’t want to see a whole octopus being handled first thing on a Saturday morning – the programme has a reputation as hangover TV.

Watch the offending clip here and some of the responses below. Saturday Kitchen also had to field much more serious accusations of cross-contamination and serving what looked like raw chicken – on the same episode!


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