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Scabin and Favino: the Chef and the 'Intern' Live From Milan

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On the evening it was Davide Scabin's (Combal.Zero) turn at S.Pellegrino Live From Milan, where he took the stage at Superstudio Più Art Garden Temporary Museum for New Design to cook with an exceptional guest: Pierfrancesco Favino. It's not the first time the Italian actor cooks a plate of spaghetti: in fact, Favino is the star of the short film for S.Pellegrino's Practice The Art of Fine Food Every Time You Can campaign, where spaghetti is a world symbol of fine dining made in Italy.

The legendary chef and his new 'intern' (see the Tweet below) prepared Spaghetti pizza margherita, a very special dish with a modern twist. Scabin opted to vacuum-pack spaghetti and tomato sauce and cooked them sous vide before adding other ingredients. Below is the chef's tweet, which in English translates to today I have a new stagier for Combal, right @pfavino?


The recipe prepared live on stage at Live from Milan also included anchovies, basil, mozzarella soup, fried black spaghetti, cheese and olives. Click here to find out all the ingredients and preparation.

Those lucky enough to snag a reservation in the VIP dining area had the pleasure of dining on other delectable dishes prepared by the  chef: Duck and Chicken Liver Salad, Sea Beans and Spiced Cream.

Photo Davide Zanoni

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