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Chef Says He'll Loose Money in Search for Better Staff Retention

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Chef Says He'll Loose Money in Search for Better Staff Retention

Michelin starred chef Sat Bains says he’s heading for a six figure loss at his UK restaurant after introducing measures he says were put in place to counter a shortage of chefs in the industry.

Back in July, Bains announced that his restaurant would drop to operating just four days a week while maintaining the same staff salaries and bonuses to help retain and train good staff in the wake of what he says is a massive shortage of good young talent in the industry.

Speaking to Big Hospitality, the chef said: “We’re going to take a six figure hit, but were willing to risk that and see how it goes. We’ve got to try, you know.”

In a video interview with the site, he says that recruitment process since announcing the four day week has already affected the application process at his restaurant with a higher calibre of people coming into the profession. He also says that chefs have to offer better work environments and be more attractive to the well trained, solid chefs that are looking for work.

It’s a bold move from the chef but one that will surely lead to a better working environment and stronger retention of staff. See more on the Chef Shortage.

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