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This Man Spent 6 Months Making That Sandwich

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This Man Spent 6 Months Making That Sandwich

How long would it take you to make a sandwich? A few minutes? Five at the most? Now step back and think about this, how long would it take you to make a sandwich if you had to produce all the ingredients from scratch?

We’re not just talking baking some bread, more harvest the west required to make the flour to produce the dough to bake the bread. You get the idea but how long do you think it would take?

How long to grow plant and farm the lettuce, tomatoes and onions needed to make the toppings, how long to raise the animal you’ll use just a few slices of to adorn the bread. It’s a series of questions that most of us have never considered but a series of questions that led Andy George from the How to Make Everything series on an interesting mission.

George set out to make a sandwich from scratch and document the project which he says lasted 6 months - that’s right, it takes around 6 months to produce a sandwich in this way and it costs, wait for it, around $1,500.

Watch the video below as George sets about making his sandwich, from the first seed planted to the last bite of the bun.

It might be packaged in a fun way but it's a shock to see how much work, production and energy is required for a simple sandwich many of us class as a snack.

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