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S.Pellegrino Announce Winning New Flagship Factory Design

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S.Pellegrino Announce Winning New Flagship Factory Design

Copenhagen and New York-based architecture firm, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), has been announced as the winner of an international tender to build S.Pellegrino’s cutting edge new home on the site of its original plant in Northern Italy, San Pellegrino town near Bergamo, where the natural mineral water has been bottled since 1899.

Describing the "Factory of the Future and Experience Lab" BIG partner Bjarke Ingels says it “inherits its narrative structure from the landscape of the Brembana Valley. Like an aquatic equivalent of a wine cellar, the repeating archways expand and contract to create the narrative framework for the purity and clarity of the mineral water, in an environment characterised by lightness, openness and transparency.”

Their winning proposal focuses on a series of expanding and contracting internal archways that create a multitude of spaces like majestic vaults, covered tunnels, arcades and green pergolas, whilst at the same time providing stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Construction work of the complex is scheduled to begin in 2018 and will include a S.Pellegrino Experience Lab, a futuristic venue allowing visitors to experience first-hand the 30-year journey that S.Pellegrino water makes from source to table in the iconic green bottle.

Four world leading architecture firms submitted tenders in response to the original brief: to design a truly innovative project that combines artistic vision with new standards, efficiency and compliancy to environmental sustainability, all while providing an optimum working environment. 

Listen to Bjarke Ingels explain the winning project further:




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