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Putin: Russia Will be World's Largest Supplier of Healthy Organic Food

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Putin: Russia Will be World's Largest Supplier of Healthy Organic Food

Could Russia be about to step into the world of massive scale organic farming? It certainly seems that way after an announcement from the Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

Speaking to the Russian parliament, Putin said that Russia should look to become the world’s largest supplier of healthy organic foods.

“Not only can we ourselves eat it but also taking into account our land and water, which is particularly important, resources - Russia could become the world’s largest supplier of healthy, environmentally friendly, high-quality food that has long been missing in some western producers,” said the Russian president.

Russia has recently made stands against the use of GMOs in the country and announced back in June that the country would not use GMOs to increase productivity in agriculture.

Though the idea of becoming the world’s organic supermarket seems a clever move, Russia already has high levels of food inflation and millions of people living below the poverty line so it’s expected to take until at least 2020 before they can begin producing enough food to meet local demand.

They’re also not the only country to push for a big organic agricultural shift, earlier this year Denmark pledged millions of Euros to convert the country’s entire agricultural output to organic.

What do you think? Can you see Russia becoming the world’s biggest supplier of healthy organic foods?

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