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Russia Burns Bacon and Steamrolls Cheese

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Russia Burns Bacon and Steamrolls Cheese

In what must have smelt likes the world’s largest BBQ and toasted cheese sandwich party rolled into one, officials in Russia have burnt and bulldozed a pile of food that violated sanctions placed on the import of Western ingredients.

It sounds like a scene from a Tom & Jerry cartoon: nine tonnes of cheese was pilled high and steam rolled, yes, steam rolled, apparently taking around an hour to crush and producing what can only be described as a 'cheese slice big enough for god'.

Russia placed the sanctions on Western food imports in 2014 as a direct response to EU and US sanctions placed on the country after the dispute in Crimea.

Like a strange, childlike game of: ‘let’s crush the playdough with all the vehicles we have in the toy box’, steamrollers made way for tractors as a country with food inflation at 20% got ready to crush thousands of pesky foreign tomatoes and peaches - fruit not quite Russian enough for the supermarket shelves.

Bacon lovers should really look away now because the worst move by far came when the Russian authorities set about burning what the BBC describe as a “huge pile of bacon.” Just imagine the smell it would give off and, if only the tractor crew, bacon burners and cheese rollers had communicated better, this story could quite easily be about the world’s largest cheese and tomato bacon roll.

All jokes aside, it’s crazy to see a country that has around 20 million people living below the poverty line take massive amounts of food and waste it in this way. There has been an online campaign started and signed by 285,000 people which calls on Putin to hand the food over to charity.

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