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Russell Brand Opens a New 'Social Enterprise' Cafe in London

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Russell Brand Opens a New 'Social Enterprise' Cafe in London

Comedian and political campaigner Russell Brand has opened a new 'social enterprise' cafe in London, funded through profits generated by his ‘Revolution’ book.

Called The Trew Era Cafe, the energetic comedian opened the new cafe today suggesting in interviews that it be operated by recovering addicts. This is backed up by the first tweet from the cafe’s account which reads: “People in abstinence based recovery and nutters and revolutionaries especially welcome.”

The cafe is being opened on the same Hackney estate were Brand successfully helped protest with locals against planned evictions.

Brand has pledged to donate 100% of the profits created by his new book to supporting the cafe which is selling coffee and, from pics on their twitter feed, what seem like some pretty tasty cakes.

It seems the the comedian is quite literally putting his money where his mouth is, come to think of it, he’s putting it where most mouths are these days, firmly wrapped around the edge of a hot coffee cup.

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