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Royal Street Party: a Long Tradition for Royal Events

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Royal Street Party: a Long Tradition for Royal Events

Street parties are a tradition in England and this week's royal wedding will be no exception. The Local Government Association in the UK say that there's been around 5,500 applications from residents who would like to close their street, lay out a long table and serve food to their neighboring community.

This is the biggest royal engagement since the Golden Jubilee for the Queen in 2002, however, the tradition of street parties dates back as late as 1919 - when just after the end of of the first world war, Brits dusted of their trestle tables and made a brew to hold "peace teas" that celebrated the signing of the Versailles Treaty.

Ever since those days, the people of the UK have celebrated large Royal events with street parties and the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton on Friday the 29th April will be no different. 

The biggest amount of closure requests have come from the boroughs of London with around 800 communities applying to shut down their street. With a party even planned for Downing Street, organised by David Cameron and his wife, Samantha - it seems the south of the UK has certainly caught the Royal bug.

On the other hand, Glassgow council haven't received any applications and in the North of England, the people of Newcastle have only 32 planned - with neighboring Sunderland hosting only four. 

In fact this year's figures are historically low compared with reports that suggest around 10-million people attending street parties across the UK in 2002 to mark the wedding of Charles and Diana. 

Many councils have extended their application cut off period in an attempt to encourage late bids, so the figures may rise - but with  millions expected to watch the event on television and a dedicated Youtube channel streaming the wedding live - maybe technology, the web are beginning to over rule that great British tradition of a good old fashioned street party.

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And if you feel inspired and would like to plan your own street party or a small street meet there's plenty of information here

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