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WATCH: Roy Choi's Heartfelt Talk at MAD3 Symposium

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WATCH: Roy Choi's Heartfelt Talk at MAD3 Symposium
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At his recent appearance at MAD3 in Copenhagen, Los Angeles chef Roy Choi urged colleagues to consider opening restaurants and food trucks in struggling neighborhoods to promote food accesibility.

In his talk Choi, who ignited the food truck movement in LA with this now famous Kogi BBQ truck, spews crushing facts that the state of food accesibility in inner cities like the ones he services. He asks, ”Why don’t chefs start opening food carts? Why don’t chefs work with their investors so that when they open a restaurant, they do something for the hood?”  

He goes on to say: ''I really believe that essentially we as chefs are maternal. There has to be some value placed back into the spiritual currency of that - not just financial currency. We feed people, our nature is to take care of people.''

''If we focus our energies, in five years what wasn't can be, and what was can be gone...I stand here with the guts to ask you please let's do something. Let's do something and feed those we are not reaching.''

Below is his inspiring speech titled "A Gateway to Feed Hunger: The Promise of Street Food.

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