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Podcast: Roy Choi Talks Broken Bread with NPR

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Podcast: Roy Choi Talks Broken Bread with NPR

Roy Choi is a chef with plenty to say and his new show Broken Bread covers a lot of subjects that are close to the Korean-American’s heart from sustainability, incarceration, metal health, addiction, anxiety and of course food.

Made together with local public television KCET and global food entertainment company Tastemade, Choi was given to the freedom to fully explore social gastronomy and some of the major social issues facing the US today. With a glut of food shows and chef vehicles out there, Choi is managing to be fresh, engaging and authentic. The chef doesn’t really know how to be anything else.

This NPR podcast with the man himself shows you where he’s coming from with Broken Bread, particularly about the issue of addiction and how he sees food, or more importantly food as a vehicle for love and solidarity to give people a hand up when they need it most. Illuminating stuff Chef.

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