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When In Rome...Be Careful Where You Eat Ice Cream

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When In Rome...Be Careful Where You Eat Ice Cream
Photo Xiquinho Silva/Flickr

One of best ways of strolling through the streets of Rome is with a gelato in hand. But next time you visit the Eternal City you better think twice about where you are eat your cold treat.

It turns out the city has passed a municipal ordinance that prohibits eating and drinking near its historical monuments. That means no sandwiches on the Spanish Steps, no drinks near the Colosseum and no gelato at the Trevi Fountain. The ordinance includes all of the city's landmarks, such as the fountains at Piazza Navona. Break the law and you'll be forced to pay up to $650 in fines.

The measure is intended to protect the city's monuments but already has its critics.  The New York Times reports that Angelo Bonelli, a member of Italy's Green Party, has challenged the ruling by eating a sandwich in front of the Pantheon while taunting a municipal police officer. Bonelli complained the ordinance is too broad because "a tourist walking around the Colosseum with an ice cream cone will be fined.''

It remains to be seen whether the ordinance will stand unrevoked. So far it has caused city residents to protest at City Hall while chowing on pizza and panini. Do you think Roman officials have gone to far?

Via New York Times

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