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Roca Brother's El Somni Rehearsal

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Roca Brother's El Somni Rehearsal

We've talked a lot about the Roca Brothers El Somni project already on FDL. The brothers, who own and run El Celler De Can Roca in Girona, launched their 12 part culinary opera this week inviting 12 lucky guests to sample what the brothers have described as multi sensory dining.

With 12 courses, 12 special wine pairings and some of the most hi-tech and simply beautiful visual design from the artist Franc Aleu and the brothers just being chosen as number one on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list for 2013 the El Somni project is one of the most innovative and exciting dining experiences around.

Although most people won't get to sample the delights of the culinary opera, there will be a documentary showing how the project was built.

For now there's this video which shows a rehearsal of their dinner in Barcelona with all three brothers at the table. It's amazing to see how the projections work right in front of the guests and we can only imagine what the whole experience would feel like with taste and smell thrown into the mix.

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