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These Robotic Chef Arms Can Cook Your Dinner

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These Robotic Chef Arms Can Cook Your Dinner

We brought you news of a device last week that could alter the temperature of your stove and make sure you never burn your food, forget it, forget it all because a UK robotics company have just revealed these pair of robotic arms that can cook food just like a real chef.

Moley Robotics have been working on their first prototype of the robotic chef arms for 18 years and this week showed off just how precise they can be.

Rather than working with programmed commands, the arms, which have 4 motors, 26 micro-controllers and 129 different sensors, work by learning the moves of real chefs at work through a special algorithm. 

To perfect their technology the Moley Robotics team worked with the Masterchef winner Tim Anderson. Anderson cooked up dishes so the robot could learn his techniques of stirring, chopping and altering temperature controls. The chef’s moves are then translated into a digital language the robot can understand.

To demonstrate the robot, Anderson taught it how to make crab bisque, a dish he says many chefs struggle to make. “I chose crab bisque as a dish because it’s a real challenge for human chef to make well, never mind a machine. Having seen – and tasted – the results for myself, I am stunned. This is the beginning of something really significant: a whole new opportunity for producing good food and for people to explore the world’s cuisines. It’s very exciting.”

At the moment the robotic arms can operate with a hob but the company say they want to release a version that can operate a fridge and dishwasher, washing up after it’s cooked. They hope to launch the first mass market version of the robotic arms by 2017 and say it will come preprogrammed with 2,000 dishes.

Just imagine, in the future you might download a 3D recipe from your favourite chef and have your robot chef arms make it.

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