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The Robotic Coffee Shop

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The Robotic Coffee Shop

If you're worried about the increasing faceless side of the food industry, with robotic waiters and flying sushi bots, then you may not like this next development, however, if you like the sound of personalized and highly accurate coffee brewing, available 24-hours a day, then you may be able to turn a blind eye to friendly smile being replaced by a robotic thanks.

The Briggo Inc Coffee Haus at The University of Texas is a fully automated coffee shop powered by robotic technology. Users step up to smart phone type displays where they are asked to input their personal choice of coffee. The machine then takes over the rest, delivering fresh coffee in a way that the makers claim eliminates long queues and ensures the perfect brew every time.

Speaking about the Coffee Haus, Kevin Nater, chief executive officer of Briggo, said: "We are passionate about bringing exceptional coffee to our customers, and using the highest quality ingredients is imperative. We believe the overall coffee experience must include convenience and predictability.

"Our Coffee Haus creates artisan coffee drinks 24/7 with a level of accuracy never before seen in the coffee world, and the automated ordering system via the Briggo mobile website streamlines the process. Our customers easily, quickly get their favorite coffee the exact same way, every single time, without any hassle or wait."

What's your view? Would you swap friendly human service for a more accurate robotic brew?

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