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23 Things People Complain About in Restaurants

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23 Things People Complain About in Restaurants

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what upsets diners in a restaurant? Yes it would and that’s why Consumer Reports have conducted a recent survey to discover some of the most common restaurants complaints from diners.

They surveyed just over 1000 adults and some of the finding were very interesting. 16% of the people they asked said that too much nutritional information is a ‘turnoff’ and that 27% are upset when water is not delivered to the table without asking.

Dirty utensils and a dirty restaurant come top followed closely by a condescending server. Then there’s some that any restaurant owner might consider a little further - Nearly 40% of those asked said that tables too close together upset them, 30% are upset by diners texting or talking on mobile devices and 54% are angry when food that arrives at the table doesn’t look or taste as it was described on the menu.

There’s 23 different complaints all together, which one upsets you the most? Are there any missing?



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