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Michelin Chefs Say No-Shows Cost Them £250,000 a Year

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Michelin Chefs Say No-Shows Cost Them £250,000 a Year

Two of the world’s most famous Michelin starred chefs have weighed in on the issue of restayrant no-shows, saying that people who don’t arrive for reservations cost their business a £250,000 a year.

Speaking to Business Insider, Chris and Jeff Galvin, who run the Galvin La Chapelle and Galvin at Windows restaurants in London, commented on no-shows and their impact on the industry.

"5% of customers are no-show, [which accounts for] a quarter of a million pounds per year, [because] we could have sold the table two, three, four times over," explained Chris.

"We buy food, we buy wine, we spend a lot in anticipation of customers coming. For some reason, restaurants are a bit of a doormat where people think they don't have to turn up.

"It's amazing when you explain to people, they probably think we have two to three tables not show up, it's more like two to three tables per service. It's a real shame.

"Some restaurants are deciding to sell tickets. We do take a deposit occasionally, but when they don't show, we have leftover food — that's the biggest bugbear."

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