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Restaurant Accidentally Shares 30,000 Secret Notes on Customers

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Restaurant Accidentally Shares 30,000 Secret Notes on Customers

A restaurant in the U.S - New York it seems - has accidentally sent the notes it keeps on guests to a writer working for the New Yorker.

“Soothing my anxiety by slowly savoring this spreadsheet of notes on customers that a restaurant accidentally attached to an email blast,” wrote Hannah Goldfield after receiving a spreadsheet with what she said had over 30,000 notes on guests.

And these are not your regular guests, many are notes on VIPs like Ryan Seacrest and Fran Drescher, sometimes explaining who they are “he hosts talent competition American Idol” for Seacrest, and in some cases, warning staff about guests with notes like “86’d forever, no questions asked.”

We’ve heard of 86ing an order, but the collection of notes revealed that the restaurant, which is still unknown, had 86’d a wide number of guests, one who apparently likes to sit and vape at the table.

Below are some of the best shared by Goldfield on twitter.

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