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Restaurant in America Bans Yelpers

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Restaurant in America Bans Yelpers

A restaurant owner in Arizona has says he decided to ban Yelpers at his restaurant after being inspired by a recent episode of the television show South Park.

Aric Mussman, who owns the Vero Amore restaurants, saw the episode which joked about Yelpers who think they’re real restaurant critics before he decided to hang a “No Yelpers” sign in both of his restaurants.

Speaking to KGUN9-TV, Mussman said: "They want the notoriety. You earn badges for reviews they earn online acclaim. That's where their friends are and they feel like this self-entitled thing that they can bash us. People can say whatever they want without any fact checking."


Mussman’s business has a four star rating on the Yelp website but he says this only obligates to make a stance, "Our reviews are great and that's why I want to be one of the people to stand up and say something.” In a further reponse posted on our own Facebook wall, Mussman said: 

It seems the owner is making a solid stance against the site which many people have issues with. Mussman is certain not the first and he certainly won’t be the last restaurant owner to make a stance against online reviewers - this year alone we’ve seen many cases from owners posting videos of bad reviewers who ate all their food and one that made fun videos from bad reviews.

Is banning Yelpers all together a step too far?

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