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Repsol Guide to Spain 2019: 5 Restaurants Make the top Rating

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Repsol Guide to Spain 2019: 5 Restaurants Make the top Rating

The 40th edition of the Spanish Repsol Guide (Guia Repsol) was released this week with big news that five restaurants made the top rating of 3 Sols (suns) and a total of 81 new sols joined the new guide.

Macarena de Castro ('Maca de Castro', Alcúdia, Mallorca), Alberto Ferruz ('BonAmb', Xàbia, Alicante), Paco Morales ('Noor', Córdoba), Sergio and Javier Torres ('Cocina Hermanos Torres', Barcelona) and Paolo Casagrande ('Lasarte', Barcelona) were the five chefs nearly all under 40 years old, to receive the maximum 3 Sun rating for their restaurants located around the country.

23 restaurants were awarded with two Suns and 53 restaurants received their first Sun, highlighting the growth in quality of restaurants across Spain. 

Among the new restaurants were the Asian influenced cuisines at StreetXO, by Dabid Muñoz, the street cuisine of Nakeima and the "Japanese mood" of Mario Payán in Kappo. The Flamenco restaurant "Corral-de-la-moreria" also claimed two suns, after being the first tablao to win a Michelin star in the last red guide.

 For 2019 that takes the count up to 548 restaurants that have a Sol in the Spanish market.

What is the Repsol Guide? 

The guide is like the Spanish equivalent to the Michelin guide, listing the most recommended places in Spain as well as a definitive guide for 'slow travel' in Spain and top foodie destinations.

See the list of all the new "suns" for Spanish restaurants in the Repsol Guide 2019 below:

One Sun Restaurants

A Tafona, Galicia
Amelia, País Vasco
Asador Landa, País Vasco
Astelena 1997, País Vasco
Audrey's, Comunidad Valenciana
Azafrán, Castilla - La Mancha
Bagá, Andalucía
Bardal, Andalucía
Beat, Comunidad Valenciana
Cataria, Andalucía
Clos, Comunidad de Madrid
Dámaso, Castilla y León
Echaurren, La Rioja
El Albero, Murcia
El Gallinero de Sandra, Andalucía
El Rodat -Nazario Cano, Comunidad Valenciana
El Sitio, Islas Canarias
Eme Be Garrote, País Vasco
Eneko, País Vasco
Eneko Bilbao, País Vasco
Enigma, Cataluña
Galaxia, Extremadura
Gaytán, Comunidad de Madrid
Kappo, Comunidad de Madrid
La Berenjena de Chamberí, Comunidad de Madrid
La Bicicleta, Cantabria
La Candela Restó, Comunidad de Madrid
La Cocina de Ramón, La Rioja
La Pondala, Asturias
La Taberna de Elia, Comunidad de Madrid
La Tasquería, Comunidad de Madrid
Las Rejas, Castilla - La Mancha
Lobito de Mar, Andalucía
Lú Cocina y Alma, Andalucía
Magoga, Murcia
Marchivirito, Extremadura
Marea Alta, Cataluña
Maskarada, Navarra
Morales, Murcia
Nakeima, Comunidad de Madrid
Raíces, Castilla -La Mancha
Remigio, Navarra
Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia, Islas Canarias
Sents, Comunidad Valenciana
StreetXO, Comunidad de Madrid
Suculent, Cataluña
Ta-Kumi, Andalucía
Tatau, Aragón
Trasto, Castilla y León
Treintaitrés, Navarra
Trivio, Castilla- La Mancha
Verdejo (Taberna Artesana), Comunidad de Madrid
Xerta, Cataluña

Two Sun Restaurants

A'Barra, Comunidad de Madrid
Annua, Cantabria
Atelier Etxanobe, País Vasco
Bido, Galicia
Cebo, Comunidad de Madrid
Cocinandos, Castilla y León
Corral de la Morería, Comunidad de Madrid
Iván Cerdeño, Castilla- La Mancha
El Invernadero-Rodrigo de la Calle, Comunidad de Madrid
El Retiro, Asturias
España, Galicia
Estimar-Rafa Zafra, Cataluña
Kaia-Kaipe, País Vasco
La Fortaleza, Islas Baleares
La Salita, Comunidad Valenciana
Lakasa, Comunidad de Madrid
Lluerna, Cataluña
Maralba, Castilla La Mancha
Monastrell, Comunidad Valenciana
Rivas, Castilla y León
Solana, Cantabria
Sollo, Andalucía
Zalacaín, Comunidad de Madrid

Three Sun Restaurants

Bonamb, Comunidad Valenciana
Cocina Hermanos Torres, Cataluña
Lasarte, Cataluña
Maca de Castro, Islas Baleares
Noor, Andalucía


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