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Rene Redzepi's Recomends Book on Twitter

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Rene Redzepi's Recomends Book on Twitter

The Danish chef Rene Redzepi has recommended a food book to his followers on twitter.

The chef who is famous for running the NOMA restaurant in Copenhagen Denmark, which has three times been named the world's best restaurant on the World's 50 Best Restaurants List, tweeted a picture of the front cover of Catching Fire: How Cooking Made us Human by the primatologist Richard Wrangham.

Rene suggested to followers: "You could read this fascinating book that demonstrates how cooking was (and is) an essential part of humanity."

The book looks at the effect that cooking foods had on the human race and goes as far as to say that fire and the ability to cook our meat has had an actual affect on the way that humans have evolved.

Wrangham even goes as far as to say that the human brain actually grew more after we began to cook meats. The idea and research behind the book sound interesting and if that's the book currently being shared in the NOMA kitchen it's surely one that's worth reading.

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