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René Redzepi Explains Noma.2

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René Redzepi Explains Noma.2

René Redzepi and the team at Noma have produced a short film that speaks about the recent news that Noma will be closing at the end of 2016 to reopen in a new location, with new menu style and new idea to build a their very own farm.

The video takes you right back to the beginning of Noma, how it all began with Claus Meyer and Redzepi and how they slowly found their own in the world of cuisine.

A look inside the new building where they will move. 

Redzepi narrates over the top of the video as he speaks about the journey so far for Noma. He says that exploring the wild landscape around them and finding all the new building blocks of flavour through experimentations with fermentation and preservation have been some of the biggest factors in the development of Noma.

He then speaks about the new plans he says they’ve been secretly working on for the past three years, a new location where they can grow their own produce as they also grow as a restaurant.

It’s a simple explanation of the ideas for the next developments of Noma and a nice look at why they have also decided to change the way in which they will present menus.


A Very Short Film About the Past, Present and Future of Noma from Rene Redzepi on Vimeo.

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