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How Would You Cook Mosquito Eggs? René Redzepi Wants To Know

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How Would You Cook Mosquito Eggs? René Redzepi Wants To Know
Photo Lukas Hofstetter/Flickr

It's no secret acclaimed chef René Redzepi is a fan of cooking with edible insects. At his restaurant Noma in Copenhagen he's served ants on the table, grasshopper sauce and other tasty crawly critters. So what's the chef experimenting with now? Tasty mosquito eggs, apparently.

Redzepi raised eyebrows (and expectations) when he posted the following picture of mosquito eggs to Instagram with this caption: ''A new one to me: mosquito egg - apparently a Mexican speciality....any ideas what to do?''

@reneredzepinoma via Instagram

Fans of the chef have suggested blending the mosquito eggs with black and white sesame seeds to crust tuna, blanching them to make caviar, adding them to omelettes or simply frying them in butter with herbs.

Mosquito eggs are an eco-friendly delicacy in Mexico where they are dried, roasted and eaten with tortillas or a dash of fresh lime juice, according to Web Ecoist.

But before you start fantasizing about eating mosquito eggs at Noma, you should know there are no current plans for having them on the menu.

''We simply received them from a colleague from Mexico who came by and gave René a few different samples of indigenous items as a gift to René, which included the mosquito eggs, which René found interesting. We are not cooking with these, and they are not on our menu,'' Annika de las Heras, Noma's public relations coordinator and management assitant told FDL in an email. 

Redzepi is part of an edible insect movement backed by the United Nations for being a more sustainable way to feed the ever expanding world population. His restaurant Noma ranks second on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

What do you think of mosquito eggs? Would it bug you to try them? Do you think they should be on the menu at Noma? Leave a comment below.

Editor's note: A previous version of this article may have raised speculation that mosquito eggs were on the menu at Noma. There are no current plans to serve mosquito eggs at the restaurant, according to a Noma spokesperson.

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