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Video: Rene Redzepi Meets Jiro Ono

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Video: Rene Redzepi Meets Jiro Ono

What would you do if you were visiting Tokyo? What’s the first place you would visit, the first meal you would taste?

Everyone is different but we’re pretty sure that most of you would happily follow in the footsteps of chef Rene Redzepi who took some of his own free time in Japan to visit the legendary sushi chef Jiro Ono.

In a new video titled Rene Redepi has a cup of tea with Jiro Ono, Redzepi enjoys some of Jiro’s world famous sushi and takes the opportunity to ask the sushi master a number of questions about his work.

Redzepi says it’s the best piece of sushi he has ever eaten and asks Jiro how long it took the him before he felt he was a master, Jiro’s answer? 50 years.

Watch the video below and hear the full chat between Rene and Jiro.

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