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Is This How Noma Harvest Their Ants?

By FDL on

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Is This How Noma Harvest Their Ants?

Rene Redzepi shocked the culinary world when he revealed plans to serve ants at Noma after discovering a danish variety that tastes a lot like kafir lime leaf.

Speaking with FDL back in April Rene joked about how he could attempt to serve the ants by releasing them on diners tables - all in his usual trademark tongue-in-cheek style.

A few months later and the web was alight with reports that Rene would serve his Danish ants at his pop-up restaurant in Claridges. Reports suggested the chef had  brought as many as 22,000 over to serve with cabbage leaves and crème fraîche but where did the ants come from?

A few days ago Redzepi tweeted a small video clip showing his latest harvesting technique with the line "Trevor working on his ant harvesting technique." How else would they catch them?

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